Kingsmoor Packaging’s new website provides sustainability focus

Thermoformed packaging specialist, Kingsmoor Packaging, is using the launch of their new website to provide a focus on sustainability, including guidance on the types of material used in their manufacturing process, as well as a ‘where to recycle’ widget showing where their products can be recycled.

To help drive user engagement, the firm has also included an animated cartoon character called ‘Poly-Mers’ on various landing pages. The primary function of the character, which is based on a snack pot manufactured in rPET by Kingsmoor, is to draw attention to key sustainability facts, such as a live counter on the home page indicating how many recycled plastic bottles have been used in Kingsmoor’s manufacturing process.

“Like others in our industry we are working hard to ensure that our packaging is as efficient as possible - by design, through production to recycling - closed-loop recycling in other words,” said Kingsmoor Packaging’s managing director, James Hill. 

“Clearly with everything that is going on with plastics currently, we wanted to provide as much information as we could regarding our products, particularly what they are made from and where and how they can be recycled. We introduced ‘Poly-Mers' as a tongue-in-cheek character to help us get our important messages across and we intend to develop its role further on social media and particularly to schools in our local area in an educational capacity."

Central to the new site is content on Kingsmoor’s single-source production capabilities. This section showcases the firm's extensive range of ‘off-the-shelf’ plastic packaging products, together with comprehensive information on their bespoke offering - detailed information on all stages of the bespoke process - from concept and design through to development, tooling and production.

Visitors to the site will also find clear guidance on the types of material Kingsmoor use to produce their products. The firm manufactures in rPET, which contains at least 50% post-consumer recycled waste and at least 30% industry recycled waste, although more recently they have been producing packaging from 100% rPET - material that is created from 100% recycled content. Kingsmoor is also promoting the use of Breakdown PET, a revolutionary biodegradable PET film that provides an end-of-life solution to discarded plastic containers, enabling them to naturally decompose in a few years rather than centuries.

Elsewhere on the website, a sign-up facility allows visitors to sign up to Kingsmoor’s regular newsletter and for those who require further insight into the business, a newly created video provides a walk-through of the company’s design and manufacturing functions.

The site is now live at


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