CE Certified protective face visor

CE Certified protective face visor

Product description: 

A one-piece, thermoformed, single-use disposable visor, with adjustable fastening strap (one size fits all) that provides full-face protection over the forehead and under the chin.

CE Certified and providing the highest clarity, the visor is designed to allow space for a standard face mask (compatible with P1, P2 and P3), and people who wear glasses.      

Protects the wearer's facial area against particles associated with COVID-19. The visor prevents splashes and splatters of body fluid from coming into contact with the wearer’s eyes, nose and mouth. Also prevents wearers from touching their face. Can be used for prolonged periods.  

Product highlights

  • Manufactured in the UK
  • CE Certified - meets European Standards for Health, Safety and Environmental Protection
  • Shatter-resistant & fully flexible
  • Non-claustrophobic
  • Visor suitable for use with glasses, prescription lenses and protective masks
  • Low cost & effective solution
  • Excellent transparency 
  • Anti-Fogging and can be used for prolonged periods
  • Full face visor to provide a high level (over the forehead and under chin) protection from fluids or spray

Ideal for the following close-contact professions/environments: 

  • Dentists 
  • Hair & beauty salons & distributors 
  • Opticians
  • Podiatry/chiropodists clinics
  • Doctors surgeries/chemists
  • Care homes
  • Veterinarians
  • Schools/Colleges/Universities 
  • Food processors, manufacturers & packing facilities
  • Airlines
  • Ferry companies



High-clarity APET, incorporating anti-fog and venting to avoid the visor steaming up. 


Supplied in quantities of 200 per box (MOQ = 1 box) - instructions and information included.


*Cost per box of 200 = £114 (only 57p per visor) - pay via Paypal link above.


Call 01458 273001 or email: visor@kingsmoorpackaging.co.uk

High volume bulk orders welcome. Contact us for a quote.

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