Cirrus™ - lightweighted & recyclable

In our quest to make plastics as sustainable as possible we have not only been working on improving recycled content and the recyclability of our products, but we have also looked into to how we can make our plastic products lighter and more efficient too.

So just over a year ago KPL’s R&D team started to look into how we could create lighter packs while still keeping them strong and fit for purpose. We looked at many engineering techniques in tandem with how the processes of thermoforming plastics works. The stronger yet lighter initiative is known as KPL Cirrus™.

KPL Cirrus™ works by creating a unique pattern in the sidewall of the container, which forms a series of many small pockets where material continually gets slightly stuck as the container is formed - this, in turn, creates stronger sidewalls with less material, thus creating a much lighter yet stronger pack.

To discuss the opportunities presented by KPL Cirrus™ and how we can help you meet your sustainability targets, contact us now to talk through your next project.

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