Closed Loop recycling

Sustainability has become a common business goal. Intelligent resource management means closing the recycling loop, so that materials can be preserved within a circular economy.

So what is Closed Loop recycling? It’s a production process in which post-consumer waste is collected, recycled and used again to make new products. For example, all of KPL’s rPET products are made using at least 50% post-consumer waste that has been collected through this process and recycled as per the diagram to the right.

For this process to work, consumers, recyclers and manufacturers must work together to reclaim valuable materials from our waste stream and use them to make new products.

Why should we recycle our plastics?

Did you know recycling one ton of plastic can save 7.4 cubic yards of landfill space? If we recycle plastics we can keep them out of landfills and reuse them when manufacturing new products. We can also help conserve natural resources such as oil when recycling plastic water bottles.

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