Did you know?

  • Plastics manufactured in the UK equates to 3.7 million tonnes split between packaging for consumers, packaging for commercial & industrial, agriculture and construction & demolition and non-packaging
  • Overall 32% of plastic is recycled and 70% recovered
  • The recycling rate for plastic packaging is 46%
  • Plastic packaging recovery is 78% 
  • The plastic drink bottle recycling rate is 74%
  • RECOUP calculate the overall collection of plastic bottles as 59% and pots, tubs and trays as 33%
  • 99% of local authorities collect plastic bottles and 79%  pots, tubs and  trays 
  • 20 times more plastic is made and used today than it was 50 years ago
  • It takes as little as 25 2L plastic bottles to make one adult sized fleece.
  • It takes around 5 plastic bottles to make an extra-large t-shirt or filling  for a ski jacket

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