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Kingsmoor Packaging (KPL) is one of the UK’s leading bespoke thermoformed packaging specialists. Based in Somerset, the company has been designing and manufacturing award-winning bespoke and off the shelf plastic packaging for the food industry since 1990.

We are a privately owned family business, working to create the very best solution for your products.

With an excellent reputation for service and quality, our in-house tooling and design department has grown in tandem with our production facility. This, combined with our state-of-the-art thermoforming machines, enables us to integrate design, pattern, tool making and production all on one site and offer some of the most competitive new tooling costs in the industry.

The materials we use

As a plastic packaging manufacturer,  we develop food grade packaging solutions mainly in rPET - a material that contains at least 50% post-consumer recycled waste and at least 30% industry recycled waste. More recently we have been able to offer 100% rPET! Find out more here.

We can also provide Breakdown-PET - a revolutionary biodegradable PET that decomposes in a few years rather than centuries! Find out more here.

Everything we produce is 100% recyclable. 

I am made with these too...

Did you know...
Since the start of this year KPL has used approximately 28,008,838 recycled bottles in their production process to make its products.

The KPL offer

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  • Short chain-of-command - instant decisions
  • Standard ranges
  • Bespoke specialists
  • Variety of machines to accommodate large & small runs
  • In-house design & tooling facilities
  • Kingsmoor Packaging manufactures mainly in rPET, APET & PP
  • Recycling Gold Award for in-house recycling

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